Chairman Message

  • Sri Prabhat Kumar Mittal (IAS)
  • Hon'able Chairman

Higher Education Service Commission is a corporate body under UP Higher Education Service Commission Act, 1980 section-3. There is one chairman and at least two and maximum 6 members are being appointed by State government. Beside this there is a secretary of commission which is been selected for exceeding of 5 years by state government. Main work of commission is as follows:-

  1. To prepare guidelines related to the selection procedure of teachers and principals in subsidized universities,
  2. To conduct examination, to take interviews and to select to candidates for the post of teachers/principals,
  3. To forward the list of selected candidates to the Educational director, Higher Education UP for the selection of teachers/principals, and
  4. Management of fund released to commission.

Behind the establishment of commission there was a motive to maintain the quality of Higher Education for which the selection of well qualified teachers/principals is to be done. But in past few years situation of commission get too worst that commission went ineffective. Now it’s our target to make the commission system more effective and capable of doing its duty and to fill the vacant posts of teachers/principals by selecting highly qualified candidates in various universities and to maintain universities’ quality.